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Mother-daughter talk

((This post is intended for irene_drake, and is a follow-up of sorts to this. It takes place in the down-time following the events of the December 6, 2008 session.))

Ms. Drake picks up the phone and dials her daughter's number.

When Irene answers, she takes a deep breath and begins, "Irene? I've been thinking, and, well, I'm ready to talk now."


(OOC: This post takes place sometime between the January 5 and January 19 game sessions. Players in War for the Oaks will please consider any information in this post to be OOC information.))

As the Greyhound bus pulls to a stop in Montrose, the old Creole woman in a rear seat stirs from the half-sleep in which she's spent the last hour and a half. Stretching and yawning, she retrieves a pair of battered traveling bags from the seat beside her and makes her way out into the half-light of almost-dawn.

The January cold of the Endless Mountains hits her almost like a physical blow; muttering imprecations under her breath, she makes her way inside the terminal, pushing her way through the crowd with surprising strength given her apparent age. A youth in baggy pants and a band T-shirt turns to glare at her, but he stops dead at the look she gives him and meekly moves aside instead.

The old woman steps up to the ticket counter and smiles at the young woman behind it, but without showing her teeth. When she speaks, her voice is low and rich, with a prominent Acadian accent. "One for Oakville."

The agent finishes the transaction and hands the old woman her ticket. "Here you go, ma'am. Have a pleasant trip." She pauses, looking curiously at the other woman. "We don't get too many people going to Oakville; are you going to visit family?"

"You might say that," the old woman responds with another close-lipped smile. She makes her goodbyes to the agent and sits down to wait for the bus that will take her on the last leg of her journey. **Oakville, and then to the house. I just hope it's warm enough to last through the winter.** She snorts. **Knowing him, there won't be much there.** A sigh. **The things I do for old friends.**

In a house in Oakville

((OOC: This post takes place shortly after this one.))

"How could you do this?"

The dark-haired young man faces a youth somewhat younger than himself, his expression a mix of anguish and indignation. "What the fuck do we need another member for, anyway? I'm not good enough for the two of you, is that it?" His voice catches. "I thought we could be honest with each other, Raven - and now I find out you're hiring someone else!" He stamps a foot on the floor. "How can you do this to us?"


Somewhere in Oakville

(Primarily for 2_4_music)

Jean-Claude adjusts his black leather trench coat and checks his reflection in the window of the door. **Looking good, Jean-Claude. Just play it smooth.**

He rings the doorbell. When someone answers the door, he holds up a piece of paper. "Hi. I'm looking for the people who advertised for a keyboard player?"

On Willow Drive in Oakville

((This cut scene takes place during the four weeks of downtime between the August 4 and August 18 sessions. Players in War for the Oaks should consider what happens in this entry OOC information.))

A broad-shouldered Asian man in a dark blue suit gets out of a taxi in front of a house on Willow Drive. After retrieving a number of bags from the trunk and pausing to pay the driver, he makes his way to the front door and rings the bell insistently.

In a bed and breakfast in Oakville

((Players in War for the Oaks will please consider anything in this scene to be OOC information.))

"Fucking hicks," Michael Ellison mutters under his breath. "Try to get some help here, and all they do is withdraw." He resists the urge to shred the papers on the desk in front of him. **Can't they see what''ll happen if they don't help?**

He turns to the other people in the room. "Any of you have anything to report?"